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Diagnosis and treatment planning skills

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Re: Topic 1 DQ 2 (Obj. 1.2): Define Informed Consent. How would you describe informed consent to a client? What does it include? When is it needed in the therapeutic relationship? What additional information would need to be in the informed consent when providing distance counseling? Refer to section H.2.a of the ACA Code of Ethics.


Schwitzer and Rubin (2014) defined informed consent as a legal and ethical term defined as the consent by a client to a proposed medical or psychotherapeutic procedure. Informed consent protects the client and the clinician. I would inform the client of the purpose of needing the consent, ensure that the facts are clear, and inform the client of the risks and benefits, expectancy of service, medication, procedure, therapeutic approach and any alternatives. I would also make sure the client is competent enough to make his or her own decisions (Hall, Prochazka, and Fink (2012). Included in the consent are the type of service, alternatives’, fees, insurance, confidentiality, appointments and general information about the clinician’s experience and education. (Hall, Prochazka, and Fink 2012). Distance counseling needs to implicitly state clearly how confidentiality, safety, and how the information will be protected that is mandated by the code of ethics guidelines.

Schwitzer, A. M., & Rubin, L. C. (2014). Diagnosis and treatment planning skills: A popular culture

approach (2nd ed.). Los Angeles, CA: Sage Publications. ISBN-13: 9781483349763


Hall, D. E., Prochazka, A. V., & Fink, A. S. (2012). Informed consent for clinical treatment. CMAJ : Canadian Medical Association journal = journal de l’Association medicale canadienne184(5), 533–540. doi:10.1503/cmaj.112120


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Professor: Re: Topic 1 DQ 2 (Obj. 1.2)

Should you have a client sign the informed consent document? Explain. Is it okay to send a copy of the informed consent document with the client for their reference? Explain.



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