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different points of view/interests



I will take time to consider and understand the different points of view and interests. I will act in a way that is fair and honors the rights of others. I will not be afraid to take the harder road even if it causes me harm.



For me, I value family, honesty, respecting others, and courage. The right decision for me is the one that helps more than it harms. Before making a decision, I will put myself in the shoes of the other person to understand, and then make a decision consistent with those values.



I believe the right action is the one that follows the rule of law even when it is hard to do. I believe we all must take responsibility for our actions, and I will take actions that ensure that the rule of law is followed.



I believe do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I would want others to come to me first to get my side of the story, hold me accountable for my actions while also showing some compassion, and challenge me to be my best self – take the hard road.



My faith is the center of my determination of what is right or wrong to do. I strive to follow the teachings of Jesus. For me, when faced with a tough decision in the workplace, I first will turn to my faith and pray for discernment. I will look for examples in the Bible of how Jesus would make this decision. Of all his teachings, I am reminded of Jesus’ teachings to love my fellow neighbor and to forgive. (I ask that you give yourself more direction than “I will do as my faith leads me.”)