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Digital Crime Discussion Questions

1.From the first e-Activity, explain the key differences between viruses and other malicious codes. Identify at least three (3) different types of viruses, and describe the main differences between each one. Next, explain both the potential threat posed by viruses and other malicious codes and their main effects on computers and productivity.

From the second e-Activity, discuss the fundamental lesson(s) that we can learn from the attacks of viruses and other malicious codes. Speculate on the main steps that both individuals and businesses can take in order to protect themselves from attacks that may occur in the future.




Please make sure theses are separate

2. Respond to this post. It only has to be 2 to 5 sentences

The main difference between viruses and other malicious codes is the fact that viruses attach themselves to programs and propogates copies of itself. Other malicious codes simply trigger other codes to happen, replicates other codes and allows other codes to enter. Three types of viruses can be viruses that surround a program in which they will not attach but, will surround a program until they can enter. Another type of virus is integrated viruses and replacements in which they will take the place of another virus. The last type of virus is document viruses that will enter your computer when a document is already corrupted enters your computer. 


Fundamental lessons that can be used are to use popular sites and applications that are licensed by the government, do your research before using a site or application and use security on your computer.