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Discussion 1 PMAN 634

Discussion 1 PMAN 634

You are required to address both topics and post substantive responses to your classmates – see the discussion grading rubric for more details. A minimum of one classmate response is required. You may use one post to address both topics or you may use separate posts. However, you must clearly label and organize your posts (using section headings, for example) so your classmates can clearly tell which topic you are addressing.


In reference to your current job (or a former one if you are currently not employed), please address the following:

1. Roughly what percentage of your work would you estimate to be of a project-related nature?

2. How would distinguishing between your project-related work and non-project-related work enable you to better perform your job? 

3. What challenges and/or complications may arise if you do not make that distinction?

(If you have never had a project-related component in any job you have held, then respond in the context of a hypothetical or dream job that does have such a component.)


Your readings this week pointed out that projects are differentiated by the space into which they fall in the simple, complicated, complex, chaotic continuum.

1. Do you think that one common approach (such as the traditional/waterfall approach) can be applied to all projects (regardless of where they fall in that continuum)? Why or why not?

2. If your answer to #1 above is “no”, then explain what might go wrong if you apply such a common approach. If “yes”, please elaborate.

3. Also discuss potential challenges (if any) that you may encounter in your organization if you were to propose an approach that is different from one the organization currently follows, and how would you attempt to address those challenges?