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September 16, 2020
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The demographics of United States are diverse, with communities and workforces that are multicultural. Diversity includes many different racial and ethnic groups. Communication in a diverse society requires accounting for diversity and multiculturalism. Beliefs, values, and patterns of thinking differ among these diverse groups. Along with diversity and multiculturalism come challenges and complexities for those in public safety, at all levels. Challenges include, but are not limited to legal compliance, management of prejudice, and ethical compliance.


Please use APA format. Please use APA in text citations within the paragraphs. Must be at least 250 words or more. Please use at least 2 references or more.


  1. Describe a potential multicultural leadership challenge in law enforcement, courts, corrections, or private security.
  2. Determine measures that should be taken to address the challenge.
  3. Evaluate the impact of those measures on leadership, those involved in implementation under the leadership, and the community.
  4. Propose best practices for implementation to prevent the challenge in the future.

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