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Discuss the difference in the due process offered through the 5th Amendment vs. the due process offered through the 14th Amendment. Provide an example of each type of due process.Imagine that a father slows but does not stop his car at a stop sign because he is taking his sick child to the emergency room at the hospital. A police car is trying to stop him for this infraction yet the father keeps driving. Determine whether or not you believe this action may be “above the law”. Support your positionLegal cases often reflect more than legalities; they may result from personal interpretations of the moral compass of society. Discuss how our complex society incorporates both utilitarian and deontological philosophies into case law and which you think predominates. Explain why you think that way.In the case, The Florida Bar vs. Pape, two attorneys were disciplined because their television advertisement featured a pit bull with a spiked collar and their firm’s telephone number, 1-800-PIT-BULL. Provide an example of a current advertisement for a licensed professional and what you identify that may have a professional ethical implication. Follow up with examples of how the advertisement may be changed to meet standards of professional ethical behavior.”Do Media Distort Representations of Islam and Arab Cultures?”  Please respond to the following:Debate It – Take a position on this statement:  The news media’s depiction of Muslims negatively effects the way American Muslims are viewed in society.  Support your views with two or three reasons and / or examples. (Cite any sources you referenced.)From the e-Activity titled “How Mass Media Influences our Society” discuss two or three ways mass media influence you and others you know. Explain two or three reasons or ways in which mass media impact us. (Cite any sources you referenced.)Debate It – Take a position on the statement: American Values are shaped by the mass media. Support your views with two or three reasons and / or examples.EXAMPLE of peers in that discussioneActivityIn watching the video, it was loaded with a variety of things that influence people.  For instance the Uncle Sam poster.  I used to see these posters everywhere.  When you think about it, the repeated exposure to the message “Uncle Sam wants you,” it is easy for the public to accept the statement as true.  You then have young men and women sign up to join the military based on the repeated message they have seen. The same way with the ad about healthy living.  A person that keeps seeing the message enough will start to think maybe I should change my eating habits.What we see on the local news also influences people.  The clip in the video showed people acting crazy on Black Friday for example.  Personally, when I see melee associated with Black Friday, it deters me every year not to shop on that day. I am influenced by what I saw from my local news outlet.Television ads is another opportunity that influences people, especially when you see celebrities promoting products and services.  I am guilty of falling for this one.  Some of the things I have bought over the years have been because it is celebrity endorsed.Debate itI would have to disagree with the statement of American values are shaped by mass media.  The mass media may have an influence on what clothes I should buy or books I should read, but not on my values.  I credit my values on my religious background and the teachings of my mother.  Not the social masses.