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disorder case studies


Topic 5: Disorder Case Studies 1 Worksheet


Part 1: Case Studies

Directions: Identify the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria that you notice in the case studies below and explain how the client meets the criteria. Include the diagnosis that these symptoms are related to. Your response to each case study should be 50-75 words. Include scholarly resources in addition to the textbook when appropriate, a minimum of two should be used in this worksheet.

1. ( [Add your answer here] )Tom is a 30-year-old male who was near the World Trade Center during the 9/11 attack. He witnessed horrific scenes, including people jumping from the World Trade Center. Since that day, he has had nightmares. Whenever a plane flies overhead, he has the feeling that he needs to run to a secure place. He has thought of moving out of New York City because he finds himself reliving the event every time he is down in the area of the 9/11 attack.


2. Jennifer is worried about her friend Mark, who is a 19-year-old male who recently started hiding in his apartment bedroom. He told Jennifer that the government could hear everything he says, and does so in every room but his bedroom. More recently, Jennifer has visited him and found out he is not going to work, as he is feeling very low and depressed. She also recognized that he is smoking more pot than usual.

( [Add your answer here] )

3. ( [Add your answer here] )Angela is a 35-year-old human resources manager and mother who has found that methamphetamines allow her to work long hours and also gives her enough energy when she is home to manage her household and children. More recently, she has started to think that her boss has been planning to fire her, even though there is no visible sign that her work has been suffering due to her use. When she passes by his office and he is on the phone, she is sure he is talking about her and his plans to fire her.


4. ( [Add your answer here] )Justin is a 20-year-old college student who recently started lining his single dorm room with tin foil. He thinks that his neighbors have been listening in on his phone conversations and wants to prevent their listening with the use of this foil. He has stopped going to classes and interacting with his friends. His friends are very worried about him and decided to go to the dean to talk to her about his behavior.


Part 2: Scenarios

Directions: Provide a 50- to 75-word response to each of the following scenarios. Include scholarly resources in addition to the textbook when appropriate, a minimum of two should be used in this worksheet.

1. Imagine that you are working with a client who has been diagnosed with a psychotic disorder. Select a psychotic disorder from the DSM-5 and discuss the approach you would you use for treating this client.

( [Add your answer here] )

2. How will you tell if the client suffers from a psychotic disorder as opposed to a substance-induced disorder?

( [Add your answer here] )

3. ( [Add your answer here] )Imagine that you are working with a client with co-occurring posttraumatic stress and substance use disorders. How would you approach treating this client? What special considerations should you make?




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© 2017. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.