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September 16, 2020
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EDGR 506 Week 4 Gamification Technology

I have chosen gamification as a digital technology. Please read futher instructions that i attached

Assessment Context: This assessment is used at the end of the first course in the M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction Leadership and Teacher Leadership concentrations program as well as the M.Ed. in Educational Leadership program and the M.Ed. in Career and Technical Education program. The assessment measures the use of ethical decisions about technology use/access in educational settings. The minimum passing score for this critical assessment is 88.5 points.

Note: This course includes this assignment as a critical assessment documenting your learning on the national standards listed below. Please see the course syllabus or further information on the critical assessment policy. It is important to review the materials below and the critical assessment rubric before you begin this assignment.

Chapters 1 and 2 of the Holdstein and Aquiline (2016) text on writing research will assist you with considering the appropriate use of information and voice in crafting this assignment. These are very short chapters that can easily help you get into the research mindset to write this paper. (Please keep this text as you will continue to refer to it throughout your program.)

Critical Assessment – Who Am I as a Leader in a Technological World?

In this technologically advanced, and continually advancing, society, it is important for educational leaders to consider the ethical and responsible use and advancement of technologies as a critical aspect of educational leadership. Cyber ethics, the term for creating a culture of ethical technology use, should be a part of your leadership ideals.

Identify a current digital technology use that has social, moral, and ethical implications for teachers and students based on your educational current role, or the role you hope to play in the future. The digital technology could be hardware or software (see a list of some possible topics below).

Research the social, moral, and ethical implications of the application of the chosen digital technology, identifying various perspectives on the positives and negatives. As you research, pay attention to the issues an educational leader will need to consider regarding access, equity, social relationships, privacy laws/concerns, etc.

The superintendent of schools has approached you, the school principal, and asked you to handle cyber ethics at your school. Write a paper that articulates recommendations for the ethical use of a chosen current digital technology in the classroom.

This paper will address the ethical challenges of the application of this technology and propose solutions to those challenges that build character in those using the technology. You are establishing a culture that demonstrates the proper use of technology in the classroom. While intended for the superintendent, this paper could be used to inform the school board and parents regarding the steps the school is taking to ensure technology is used in an ethical fashion.

In your 4- to 5-page paper, include:

  • An introduction to the digital technology (see a list of possible technologies below) you have chosen to address and the social, moral, or ethical concerns for the technology user (students, teachers, other users in your organization).
  • A review of current research on the topic that looks at trends in this area (e.g., statistics on use, frequency of negative behaviors). Pay particular attention to social and moral issues raised that are related to your chosen technology.
  • At least four recommendations for building character in those using that particular digital technology so that it is used ethically while also supporting educational initiatives or aims of schooling.

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