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Emerging Trends in Real Estate Thesis

To better understand what’s affecting the industry, we will be reviewing trends that will affect the coming year. For this assignment, you are expected to use the 2022 Emerging Trends in Real Estate document  ( and conduct your own search by utilizing resources such as WSJ, NYT, PSBJ, podcasts like Walker & Dunlop or Leading Voices in Real Estate. Looking at trends in the real estate industry, identify which ones are of interest to you.

1) What trend(s) most resonate with you, and why? (You can focus on short-term trends in response to COVID or longer-term trends linked to increased integration of technology, recognition of climate change, or incorporation of social goals, for example)

2) What opportunities and/or barriers might be created by these trends and the markets in which they affect jobs?

3) Do these trends have a connection to classes, clubs, and/or opportunities at UW that will allow you to build the skills to be an attractive hire for companies?