ENG124 Cuyamaca College Reflect on Mukherjee’s The Management of Grief

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September 16, 2020
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September 16, 2020

ENG124 Cuyamaca College Reflect on Mukherjee’s The Management of Grief

Reflect on Mukherjee’s “The Management of Grief” and MacDonald’s “A View from the Bridge.”  Write a 850 – 1,000 word (750 words minimum) analysis (details below!) Note: You analysis must be at least 750 words, in order to earn points for this assignment. Fewer than 850 words will equal a zero (0) for this assignment.

 You must include at least 1 direct quote from each story to support your discussion.  No Works Cited is needed for this assignment, but you must properly cite any lines you use from the stories. Review proper MLA formatting for citing quotes.  Do not do “outside” research! This is not a research paper. You will use your knowledge of the elements below, which you have learned about in class, to analyze the stories, per the instructions below. 1. Write a well-developed 850-to-1,000 word (850 word minimum) analysis that discusses all of the items below:

 Character & Setting

 Both stories are written in the first-person, subjective point of view.

o Which type of character are the narrators in these two stories? (View again the “Characters & Setting” lecture again, if you need to!)

o How do these stories differ in their language? How did the language contribute to your idea of the narrator’s character?

o Describe the features of the setting in these stories. What function does setting play in each story? Which specific lines/word/images contribute to giving you a sense of the setting/atmosphere? How does setting help to reveal things about the characters in the stories?

 Your reaction Talk about your reaction to each story: what did you like (or dislike)? Which character(s) could you relate to? Why? How did you feel about the ending of each story? Did you want to know more? Comment on anything else about the stories that you felt was significant.


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