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entrepreneurial competition proposal

entrepreneurial competition proposal

My favorite entrepreneurial competition proposal

Purpose: Start developing your term project ideas by learning from the winner and failure proposals.

What you’ll learn:

1. Identify factors contributing to a winner vs. failure proposals

2. Observer what questions being asked by the venture capitalists and how the entrepreneurs respond

3. Analyze market potential, consumer needs, technology feasibility…etc.

4. Think strategically to form your argument from different perspectives.

Instruction: Choose one of your favorite winner and failure entrepreneurial proposal from Shark TankDragons DenKickStarterIndiegogo,…. or any other business proposal competition site.

  The Win Project The Failure Project

What is the product about?

Who is the target user?




Post a photo of the product










Your observation:

Why did this proposal win?

Why did it fail?







Your analysis:

Does the product have market potential?

Possible market resistance?

Technology feasibility?

Any other concerns you have?


*Any statistics add convincing power and professionalism to your arguments.


*Think strategically from the investor’s perspective and from consumer’s perspective.


Attach the hyperlink of this video/article.