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Environmental Laws and Love Canal

Environmental Laws and Love Canal

MODULE 3 Assignment – 100 possible points

Name: ____________________________________________________

Remember the one point = one quality sentence rule.

Part A. Environmental Laws and Love Canal (20 points)

Most of the environmental laws were passed in the 1970s. One reason for this was the discovery of many rivers, lands, and other sites contaminated by toxic waste. I ask you to look at a lot of clips about Love Canal. Some are from the 1970s, some tell the history, and some are some recent sites.

First, as you watch the first clips, I want you to think about which entities acted unethically? Illegally? Explain why you think that way. Fill out the following information. You can put “none” in a few boxes.

Entity and Action Unethical Actions? Why do you believe so? Illegal Actions? Why do you believe so? Good Business Decision. Why do you believe so?
Hooker Chemical

(this row 4 pts)




NY Board of Education

(this row 4 pts)




Home Builders who built home around toxic pit

(this row 4 pts)



Federal Government

(this row 4 pts)




Of all the companies/entities, who acted the most unethically? Why do you believe that? (4 points)








Part B. Discussion related to the Role of Regulations and Ethical Business Conduct (10 points)

Background. Generally, when there is a crisis, lawmakers do what they have power to do – pass a law or adopt a regulation. However, through time, the amount of regulations ebbs and flows. If you look at the Powerpoints provided on the various “ethics” laws or laws that impact business conduct, you’ll see that there were a lot of regulations which occurred in the 1960s/70s. Then when President Reagan was elected in the 1980s, we entered a major period of deregulation. During the 1990s, we had a few additional laws passed but nothing like the period of time in the 1970s. Most recently, we have again had a period of time of de-regulation. Many predict we will have the return to more laws/regulations but time will tell. I am providing you with two articles about the pros/cons of regulations on business. Read them quickly to get the gist of the articles.

You may also Google to find other articles if you are interested in this topic or to help you answer the chosen question.

Questions. Remember to provide a good discussion as this part is worth 10 points.

Answer either a. or b.

a. What role do you believe regulations play in steering the behavior of business? Explain. If you believe they play a role, explain. Pick an industry for which regulations are very important and discuss.

b. What role do you believe regulations play in steering the behavior of business? Explain. If you believe regulations DO NOT steer ethical business conduct, then explain your point of view. What then steers ethical behavior? Explain.

Part C. Food Inc. Documentary as a Catalyst for Deeper Thought (16 total points)

I use the Food Inc. documentary to illustrate the power of multi-national corporations, their impact on the world, and often the unintended consequences that flow from their decisions and actions.