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1. This is an individual assignment.

2. A hard copy MUST be presented to the lecturer on the due date.

3. The APA format MUST be maintained, and a declaration of authorship must be made.

You are a Financial Analyst that has been appointed to lead a team in the production of a report

to some potential investors regarding participating in the financial market.

You are required to provide information on the following sections:


Section A – (Total 10 marks)

· An Overview of Financial Markets

· The role of the Stock Market

· Benefits of participating in the Stock Market from an investor perspective.


Section B – Select one of the following group of companies currently listed on the Jamaica Stock

Exchange (JSE) to conduct an analysis. (Total 60 marks)

Group 1

Salada Foods Ltd and Seprod Ltd


The analysis will include the following:

· A brief overview of the companies selected. (5 marks)

· Daily recordings of the trade volume, opening and closing price, percentage change in

price and whether the stock advance, decline or traded firm for each company over a two-week period, beginning March 14 – 25, 2022. (20 marks)

Use the prices recorded to form an index for each company, then construct the following:

· A price-weighted index for the two stocks and compute the percentage changes in the index for period 1 (Week 1) and period 2 (Week 2) (10 marks)

· A value-weighted index for the two stocks and compute the percentage changes

in the index for period 1 (Week 1) and period 2 (Week 2) (10 marks)

· Explain the factors that you believe may have affected the share prices on the

market for both companies during period 1 and 2 (15 marks)



Section C – Financial Viability (Total 30 marks)

Assess the financial viability of the two companies given above by performing a company and security analysis to determine if the stocks are over-valued or under-valued based on information

gathered from:

a) The stock’s price-earnings ratio (5 marks)

b) The Price-Earnings Growth ratio (10 marks)

c) The interest rate of the country (5 marks)

d) Market capitalization to GDP (5 marks)

e) The company’s activities, and revenues and profits generated (5 marks)


(Total 100 marks)