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Formats to Cite a Research Paper

Formats to Cite a Research Paper

Formats to Cite a Research Paper

Formats to Cite a Research Paper

Dissertations, theses, and all sorts of academic papers will require to be cited utilizing some formats to cite a research paper, such as APA, MLA, or Chicago. Citing academic papers correctly is done to combat plagiarism. These citing formats are used to acknowledge related literary items and to cite referrals used. You need to research numerous citing formats and research papers well before producing essays or any other pieces of academic writing. In this article, Classroom Essays research paper authors have prepared details on how to format research papers and how to effectively reference academic papers.

APA Research Paper Format


APA (American Psychological Association) research paper format is typically utilized in papers associated with psychology and social scientific research. In this citation, there is a basic format for referencing via endnotes/footnotes, in-text, and referral pages. Academic papers in APA citation have basic composing standards.

Papers ought to be entered, double-spaced on standard-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″) with 1″ margins on all sides. You must use a clear font that is very readable. APA advises making use of 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Consist of a page header at the top of every page. To develop a web page header, insert page numbers flush right. After that type the title of your paper in the header flush left making use of all uppercase. The web page header is a shortened variation of your paper’s title and can not go beyond 50 characters including spacing and punctuation.

Formats to Cite a Research Paper-APA Citation Style

Formats to Cite a Research Paper-APA Citation Style

Speaking about how to write a research paper in APA format, your APA paper ought to have four major areas:

– Title page

– Abstract.

– Main Text.


Be sure to read how to create an essay format. In short article, we talked about the distinctions between formats.

How to Cite a Term Paper in APA.


There are specific guidelines to adhere to when citeing a term paper in APA. The complying with are the details formats to comply with:

Book: Author, A.A. (Year of Magazine). The Title of job. Author City, State: Author.

Instance: Finney, J. (1970 ). Time after time. New York, NY: Simon and Schuster.

– Magazine: Author, A.A. (Year, a month of Magazine). Article title. Magazine Title, Volume( Problem), pp.-pp.

Instance: Tumulty, K. (2006, April). Should they stay or should they go? Time, 167( 15 ), 3-40.

News Paper: Writer, A.A. (Year, Month Date of Magazine). Article title. Publication Title, pp. xx-xx.
Rosenberg, G. (1997, March 31). An electronic discovery confirms a reliable lawful weapon.The New york city Times, p. D5.

Internet site: Writer, A.A. (Year, Month Date of Magazine). Short article title.

Recovered from link.

Instance: Simmons, B. (2015, January 9). The story of 2 Flaccos. Fetched from

These citing formats are utilized to acknowledge related literary items and to cite references used. You don’t require to cite information concerning yourself or your own thoughts. For example, when detailing education and learning on resume you do not need any citations. Nevertheless, you should study numerous citing formats and study well before generating any other piece of academic writing.

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MLA Research Paper Format.



MLA (Modern Language Organization) format is commonly made use of in liberal arts and humanities. Let’s chat a little bit regarding how to create a research paper in MLA format. This format has concepts as opposed to a collection of certain rules to be adhered to. Papers in MLA format offer a process of documentation.

MLA suggests utilizing Times New Roman font in size 12. The entire paper must be dual spaced with 1-inch margins on all sides. Tab once to indent paragraphs ( 1/2 inch). Your surname and a page number ought to be placed on the upper right-hand edge of the first page.


Formats to Cite a Research Paper- Using MLA format

Formats to Cite a Research Paper- Using MLA format

MLA Format Standards, from Classroom Essays

How to Cite a Research Paper in MLA Format.


The following are formats to adhere to in citing research paper in MLA format:

– Book: Surname, Given Name. Book Title. Author City: Author Name, Year Published. Tool.

Example: Smith, John. The Example Book. Pittsburgh: BibMe, 2008. Publish.

Magazine: Last Name, Given Name. “Article Title.” Magazine Name Magazine Date: Page Figures. Tool.
Instance: Smith, John. “Obama inaugurated as Head of state.” Time 21 Jan. 2009: 21-23. Publish.

Newspaper: Surname, Given Name. “Article Title.” Paper Name Magazine Day: Page Figures. Medium.

Instance: Smith, John. “Steelers win Super Dish XLIII.” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2 Feb. 2009: 4-6. Publish.

Website: Surname, First Name. “Page Title.” Internet Site Title.Sponsoring Institution/Publisher. Publication Date: Page Numbers. Tool.

– Example: Smith, John. “Obama ushered in as Head of state.” Cable Television News Network, 21 Jan. 2009. Internet. 1 Feb. 2009.



Research Paper in Chicago Format.


The Chicago format of citing is commonly made use of in liberal arts. It calls for authors to cite resources in endnotes or footnotes. This citation supplies the author with an avenue to express responsibility and trustworthiness to associated literary works or references used in composed material. It helps an academic author provide quotes in a term paper, and is generally utilized for book bibliographies.

Chicago Format Guidelines, from Classroom Essays.

Consider our film review example and try to determine what format it is written in.

How to Cite a Term Paper in Chicago Format.


Formats to Cite a Research Paper-chicago Format

Formats to Cite a Research Paper-chicago Format

The complying with are Chicago format formats to adhere to:

– Book: Surname, First Name. Title of Publication. Publisher City: Publisher Call, Year Released.

Example: Brown, Dan. The DaVinci Code. New York: Scholastic, 2004.

Magazine: Last Name, Given Name. Short article title. Publication Title, Month Date, Year of the magazine.

Instance: Chan, Dan. The art of pandas. Panda Magazine, Nov 10, 1985.
Newspaper: Last Name, First Name. “Article Title.” Paper Call, Magazine Date.

– Example: Smith, John. “Steelers win Super Bowl XLIII.” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, February 2, 2009.

– Website: Last Name, First Name. “Web page Title.”  Its  Title. Web Address (retrieved Date Accessed).
– Instance: Smith, John. “Obama ushered in as President.” (accessed February 1, 2009).

ASA Research Paper Format.


The top American approach of referencing and quotation was produced by the Sociological Association. Sociological students and scholars make use of the ASA citation format largely for writing university study papers in sociology or for submitting articles to ASA journals.




For thorough information about ASA aspects of format, read the American Sociological Organization official website or read our Overview to ASA Citation and Creating Format.

Formats to Cite a Research Paper-ASA formatting Style

Formats to Cite a Research Paper-ASA Formatting Style

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How to Cite a Research Paper in ASA Format.


– Book: Writer’s Last and Given name. Year of Publication. Title. Country of Publisher: Author.

– Instance: James, Henry. 2003. The Turn of the Screw. New York City: Barns & Noble Books.

E-Books: Author’s Last and First Name. Year of Magazine. Title. Country of Author: Publisher. Geted Month Day, Year.
– Instance: James, Henry. 2003. The Turn of the Screw. New York City: Penguin Books Kindle Version. Fetched January 18, 2017. Link

Journal Post: Author’s Last and First Name. Year of Publication. “Title.” Journal Call concern #: comprehensive page numbers.

Example: Feekins, Bo. 2008. “Chasing After Tree Frogs.” National Geographic # 182. 6-10.

Magazine Article: Writer’s Last and Given name. Year of Pub. “Title.” Magazine Call, Month Year, pp. Comprehensive page numbers.

– Instance: Geary, Rachel. 2012. “The Concern with Proficiency Knowing.” New York City Times, April 2002. Pp. 15-23.

Internet site: Writer’s Last and Given name. Date of Publishing. Title. Author. Retrieved Month Day, Year.

Example: Lee, Bruce. 03.09.2004. Birth of a Nation. Recovered 18.01.2017.

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