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global companies

global companies

 Assuming you are the new director of the South Asia region for  Dunkin Donuts (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan,  Afghanistan and Maldives). Select two countries from this list and  recommend donut flavors that would resonate with the group. Provide  rationale to support your reasoning.

e-Activity: Sometimes international business is just like a board game. One (1)  company adds new features and another attacks by dropping its prices to  compete with its rival. Use the Internet to locate three (3) articles  within international newspapers or e-zines that depict incidences of  select offensive or defensive competitive behavior strategies that the  textbook has examined.

From the e-Activity,  examine two (2) instances when multinational companies have used  offensive or defensive competitive strategies. Determine the major  advantages that global companies would have over domestic competitors in  sustaining competitive advantage as a result of using offensive or  defensive competitive strategies.