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Global Strategy Thesis

 Business Article Analysis Assignments (10 %) – To encourage you to read the popular business press and apply the concepts of the course, you will be responsible for two article analysis write-ups. In each of these write-ups, you will complete analysis, using a specified tool from one of the chapters, from information contained in the business press article about a specific company.

Publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Fortune, Forbes, Fast Company, Business Week, New York Times, etc. are excellent sources. If you use an article found on the Internet, print it out before you begin work on the assignment. Each write-up is to be submitted as a word document via email and must not exceed three pages in length. The first assignment requires the use of the 5 Forces tool and is due on March 07, 2022 .

Choose an article about a company or industry (depending on the tool), other than one that we have analyzed for cases or that you have chosen for your group project. In your write-up, use the specified tool to analyze the company, its resources, or its environment. Explain the purpose of the tool and offer a conclusion based on your analysis. What strategic recommendations would you offer to executives at that company? You may use other strategic tools as necessary. You must attach a copy of the article with your write-up (not a link to the article). Cutting and pasting the text at the end of the document is fine.