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Good documentation skills

NOTE: Since you are in a counseling environment, be sure you do not disclose any client information that could compromise client confidentiality.

What activities did you participate in this week in your practicum site? Describe them. Did you enjoy them? What did you like the best? Worst? What will you change next week? Share your experience with your classmates.

The activity was to build a house. The activity I conducted with the clients involved communicating, teamwork, and respect for one another. In a group of 12, they were broken down into three teams of four. I gave each team 24 sheets of paper. Paper was the only tool they could use to build the house.


Good documentation skills make life easier for clinicians. What challenges have you faced in writing progress notes, treatment plans, and conducting intake assessments?



What do you see as the value of a good clinical intake assessment? Do you read assessments, conducted by others, prior to meeting with a new client? Why or why not?