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‘Great Expectations’ -Themes and More

‘Great Expectations’ -Themes and More

'Great Expectations' - Themes and More

‘Great Expectations – Themes and More

” Great Expectations” is among the last novels created by Charles Dickens in 1861. It is additionally one of his most prominent productions. Theatres have frequently staged it beside movies. The message was written in Dickens’ “fully grown” years when the author critiqued the unethical. It also includes the luxurious life several gentlemen of those times had led. The tale has a gripping story, yet it’s instead grey, sad, and doesn’t finish gladly for most of its personalities.

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Dickens has included a great deal of his own experiences and sadness in the “Wonderful Expectations” book. Initially, the author intended to end the novel in a tragic way. However, Dickens had actually constantly watched out for unfortunate endings– his audience appreciated the happy closings much more than the thoughtful tragedies. That’s why he didn’t risk finishing the story on an unfortunate note. Be that as it may one can clearly see the entire story was heading towards a calamity.

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Summary of the book ‘Great Expectations”

” Great Expectations” recounts a little kid’s life with a hard childhood and into abundant adulthood, with more lessons in themes in it. The book starts with the protagonist introducing himself:

Chapter I“My father’s family name being Pirrip, and my Christian name Philip, my infant tongue could make of both names nothing longer or more explicit than Pip. So, I called myself Pip, and came to be called Pip”.

Pip is a straightforward and basic man, but he does not locate a place for himself in society. Even money and the rich gent’s life didn’t make him delighted. In the direction of the end of the book, Pip will realize that his expectations and also wishes deceived him and ruined his life: he loved a woman (Estella) that could not return his feelings, and also he was grateful to an additional lady (Miss Havisham) for becoming rich when as a matter of fact Miss Havisham not did anything for Pip and just motivated Estella to harm him a lot more. But also currently, it is all in the long run as the story is about to unravel.

‘Great Expectations-Themes and More Pip and Estella


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'Great Expectations'-Themes and More The synopsis

‘Great Expectations-Themes and More The synopsis

Pip’s Character

Pip is an orphan brought up in a dull family that includes his abusive sibling, Mrs Joe Gargery, that “had an elegant art of making her sanitation a lot more uncomfortable and inappropriate than dirt itself” (Chapter IV). Her spouse, Joe Gargery, is the blacksmith. Joe Gargery was a Great straightforward male who dealt with Pip well:


Chapter II“Joe was a fair man, with curls of flaxen hair on each side of his smooth face, and with eyes of such a very undecided blue that they seemed to have somehow got mixed with their own whites. He was a mild, good-natured, sweet-tempered, easy-going, foolish, dear fellow…”.

Eventually, while seeing his parents’ grave, Pip meets an escaped convict and risks his very own safety and security to bring him food and also a saw to remove the shackles.

Eventually, Pip gets invited to visit the house of Miss Havisham– also referred to as “Satis Home” in the book. Miss Havisham is a wealthy and peculiar female. Since some man burglarized her and after that got away on the day of their intended marital relationship, she became shed, bored, and also regularly disappointed with everything. She continued to wear her wedding dress and maintained everything in her run-down home the exact means it had actually been set up for the intended wedding celebration. Miss Havisham invited Pip to her house since she wished to locate a companion for her foster daughter Estella.

Estella’s Character

Estella is an orphan brought up by Miss Havisham to despise and also hate all males that come near her: “Break their hearts my pride and hope, damage their hearts and have no grace!” (Chapter XII)– this is one of one of the most popular quotes from “Great Expectations”. Estella was a stunning woman brought up to be a woman, but her heart was cold and also her morals were evil. She embarrassed Pip from the very first time she was asked to play with him: “With this child? Why, he is a common labouring boy!” (Phase VIII) and has actually made use of every opportunity ever since to demonstrate just how much she is better than him.

Pip gets to like Estella, but the more time he invests with her, the more he begins to despise himself.  He detests his reduced status, his easy garments, and his blacksmithing instruction that made his face unclean and his hands coarse. He also resented the fact that Miss Havisham paid for these.  From the time he met Estella, Pip’s great expectations were to be a gent and also be admired by this polished lady and her mother. One day Pip figures out that someone has struck his sibling so hard that her brain obtains badly harmed. People found damaged shackles where her assault took place. Later on, an additional orphan, Biddy, comes to live with Pip to care for Mrs. Joe. Pip describes Biddy as a very average woman:


Chapter VII“… her hair always wanted brushing, her hands always wanted washing, and her shoes always wanted mending and pulling up at heel”.


Mr Jagger-the Lawyer

One of the most interesting points that happen in the summary of “Great Expectations” is when a widely known lawyer from London, Mr Jaggers, tells Pip that he has acquired a fortune and also his life will change forever. Mr. Jaggers is a typical lawyer– he persists, rich, egotistic, and also unethical. He does not, remarkably, disclose who the generous person to supply Pip with this lot of money is:


Chapter XVIII“… you are to understand, secondly, Mr. Pip, that the name of the person who is your liberal benefactor remains a profound secret, until the person chooses to reveal it”.

Pip, likewise shocked, does not even intend to think, as he currently writes his mind concerning the beginning of the inheritance:


Chapter XVIII“My dream was out; my wild fancy was surpassed by sober reality; Miss Havisham was going to make my fortune on a grand scale”.

Pip gets an alert not to attempt to guess or discover who his benefactor is.  Such was the condition of acquiring the inheritance.

Is Miss Havisham the Secret Benefactor


Pip is happy: he stays persuaded that his secret benefactor is Miss Havisham, which he analyzes to imply that she is likely preparing him to be a suitable another half for Estella. The child obtains new expensive clothes, and individuals begin to treat him differently, he relocates to London, where he shares an apartment with Herbert Pocket, Bentley Drummle, and startup, and he takes courses to become a real gentleman. Pip makes fast development and is soon able to behave just like other superior individuals. While connecting with respected British society, Pip expands more and more ashamed of his past.

The boy proactively attempts to avoid Joe when he pertains to check out, however, when the news of his sis’s fatality comes, Pip check outs her funeral service and also begins to sympathize with being so far-off with Joe and Biddy. Pip continues to hang around with Estella when they are both in London; he enjoys her, yet the only feeling she displays in the direction of him is ridicule and viciousness. Eventually, Estella establishes a connection with Pip’s pal Bentley Drummle. This was more of a relationship with his cash and status, to be precise. Ultimately the two tie the knot.

Magwitch is Pip’s Benefactor

At the same time, an encounter from the past re-introduces itself– the convict Pip satisfied in the graveyard years ago whose name is Abel Magwitch. It ends up Magwitch was the secret benefactor who made Pip rich– after the event in the graveyard he had escaped to Australia, made a fortune there, and asked Jaggers to look after the kid as an indication of thankfulness. Magwitch is a complex character who had entered difficulty due to negative business.A snowed buddy of his also sets him up. His personality exemplifies how inhumane regulations and unfair guidelines established by a cynic society, cause the steady destruction of a male. Magwitch tells Pip that Compeyson is complying with him. This happens although the ex-partner has a reputation for many unlawful offers:


Chapter XLII“… he’d been to a public boarding-school and had learning. He was a smooth one to talk, and was a dab at the ways of gentlefolks. He was good-looking too”.


By paying attention to his life story, the readers understand that Magwitch is the actual father of Estella (her mom is Mr. Jaggers’ caretaker), and also Compeyson is the man that deceived Miss Havisham a lot of years earlier.

Pip helps Magwitch

Pip creates a plan to assist Magwitch run away from the country and also Compeyson drowns in the pursuit of trying to capture Magwitch. Magwitch gets hurt and captured. He then gets imprisoned where he dies from his injuries. Pip had actually quit taking Magwitch’s money a long time ago, and now it has all gone to the advantage of the state anyhow. Pip has actually accumulated financial debt and enters trouble for being incapable to settle it. When Pip’s health and wellness decline, Joe comes to care for him and even pays off his debts. After recouping, Pip joins his good friend Herbert, and Herbert’s spouse Clara, to operate at the Clarriner’s workplace in Cairo (Egypt)– Pip was the one to secure Herbert a setting with the firm when he had money.

After being away for 11 years, Pip returns and also sees Joe. Joe had married Biddy and also they had actually even called their son after Pip:


Chapter LIX“We giv’ him the name of Pip for your sake, dear old chap… and we hoped he might grow a little bit like you, and we think he do”.

Walking the remains of the Sati’s Home, Pip fulfils widowed Estella and the two avoid a brand-fresh beginning…

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Great Expectations Themes and Motives

Social class is a very essential determinant of one’s position in the book. Both Estella and Pip were orphans. However, the lady’s upbringing puts her to applaud her condition. She also gets an opportunity to humiliate everybody who really did not share the very same status as her. Estella is a sufferer of class inequality, Her education makes her detest other people and also points:

Chapter VII“I played the game to an end with Estella, and she beggared me. She threw the cards down on the table when she had won them all, as if she despised them for having been won of me”.

At the same time, the author shows how some people were doomed to live and pass away in lower-class life. They had no chance to make it up the social ladder since others would certainly never ever approve of them:

Chapter IV“In his working clothes, Joe was a well-knit characteristic-looking blacksmith; in his holiday clothes, he was more like a scarecrow in good circumstances, than anything else”.


Ambition and  self-improvement:

Charles Dickens makes fun of the shallow aspirations individuals usually have. The reader sees this in the personalities in “Great Expectations”. They are common, and a number of them are poor economically and/or emotionally. Pip’s biggest need is to be a gentleman and he doesn’t appreciate himself because of where he came from:

Chapter VIII“I was a common labouring boy; that my hands were coarse; that my boots were thick; that I had fallen into a despicable habit of calling knaves Jacks; that I was much more ignorant than I had considered myself last night, and generally that I was in a low-lived bad way”.

The young child doesn’t strive for genuine self-improvement, he wants to have the image, the appearances, andthe respect– every one of the surface points. But all these elements emerge as one analyses the themes in Great Expectations and more literally elements like the plot.

Integrity and  reputation:


Being honest and also genuine had not been worth a lot in those times. The characters were doing all the wrong things, however, nobody stopped them. For example, Miss Havisham gladly accepts Pip’s thankfulness although she knows she isn’t the benefactor that paid for his lush life in London. She later on confesses that she acted to be the one who provided Pip with money simply to aggravate her family.

Parents in
the book are absolutely nothing more than empty vessels– they are missing from the lives of a lot of characters, and also those that think parental obligations do not execute them well. For instance: “My sibling … had developed a great online reputation with herself and the neighbours since she had brought me up “by hand” (Phase II). Parents had a duty to put Pip in college and educate him to value himself, and other people. Unfortunately, no one existed to deal with him. Thinking that Dickens wrote numerous youngsters’ tales, you would presume that in “Great Expectations”, the author would certainly try to discover the roots and sources of lots of childhood miseries and damaged youngsters’ lives.

Justice is not noticeable, but an important motif in this publication. What is “Great Expectations concerning?– It’s simply about getting what one deserves. The plot is unfair, that’s true. But the characters’ wishes and actions are additionally fairly superficial and unfair. In the long run, each of them has the chance to turn their life around, yet choose to act the method society anticipates them to.



Pip really did not experience much compassion or generosity in his life. The only person who treated him with respect was his sister’s husband Joe Gargery, whom he later on begins to avoid once Pip comes to be a gentleman. Magwitch makes Pip a gent to settle the “kindness” the young boy demonstrated out of mere anxiety for his life. Pip does not even value Magwitch’s generosity. The young boy really enjoyed the idea that Miss Havisham counted on him and funded him to come to be a gent. So when the boy finds out that she had not actually purchased his education, and also therefore really did not plan for Estella to marry him, Pip stresses:


Chapter XXXIX“Miss Havisham’s intentions towards me, all a mere dream; Estella not designed for me; I only suffered in Satis House as a convenience, a sting for the greedy relations, a model with a mechanical heart to practise on when no other practice was at hand”.


His universe becomes broken, he feels degraded, and also determines to take off abroad.

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