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September 16, 2020
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September 16, 2020

HIS 1400 Protestants and Catholics

This is our weekly essay question. Remember that the essays are weekly assignments, not Chapter specific assignments. Each week you will receive a listing of three possible essay topics that will generally fall into one of the following categories: factual, opinion, ‘what if’, and newspaper articles. Select one topic for your essay. For the News Paper article you will be expected to submit an article on a specific historical event from a specific period newspaper.

Barton utilizes the excellent Turnitin plagiarism detection software primarily as a teaching/coaching tool. The software detects suspicious passages and compares them against previously submitted works. This allows the student the opportunity to relook their work and make appropriate citations and format changes. An additional use is that it assists in identifying plagiarism. Use of the Turnitin software is a requirement in this course.

There is also an option for the ‘Wild Card’ essay. Remember that this are mini research papers and that I expect far more research and independent thought than in a short answer fill in the blank style question. The Survival 101 link has additional information on essay preparation.


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