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. historical fund flows and investor returns

The final project needs to be a professionally written article:

1. Summarize project 1, 2, 3 and 4. a. Do not copy those projects together. b. You need to organize them in a way to present

information well 2. Provide your opinion toward this fund(QRSVX)

a. Tell the reader clearly what you think about this fund b. Provide evidence to support why you think that way

i. Use tables

ii. Use charts

iii. You can organize them using Excel or do screenshots

3. The text has to be at least three pages long, with double spaces.

4. You need to organize your article following the orders below:

a. Introduction of this fund and your main findings b. Sections

i. List each of your main arguments by sections

ii. Do not put any tables/figures between texts.

Attach those tables/figures at the end of the


c. Conclusion

Project report 1

Upload a PPT and/or a word summary of your presentation each GROUP. 

1. Detailed description of your team’s selected industry within QRSVX.(Use Morningstar and Bloomberg for this. Holding data is attached as well)

2. Select three stocks from your sector within QRSVX and:

a. what business they are in

b. how do they make money

c. is it a good business and why

d. any basic financial analysis your team has done

Project report 2

Choose and Analyze ONE stock from your assigned sector each team using Bloomberg and Morningstar Direct.

You have to show Screenshots(data) from Bloomberg to support your analysis. I know you will use Direct.

1. Summarize the most recent annual report (10-k, available in morningstar, bloomberg, and SEC website).

· Include all sections they talked about

· Provide your own thoughts/ideas/findings when reading it

Project report 3

1. Financial Ratio analysis

· you have to use Morningstar Direct and Bloomberg and give screenshots/redo tables

· compare those with their main competitors and across years.

2. Do you think current stock is over or undervalued

· Dividend growth model

· Free Cash Flow to Firm/Equity model

3. summarize one research report of the company from Bloomberg

· Use <RES>  function in bloomberg terminal, and then find the company you are looking for.

· summarize analyst recommendation using bloomberg terminal <ANR> function.

· show details and what you think about those analysts’ opinions.

Project report 4

Focus on analyzing QRSVX.

At least cover the points below (minimum):

Both Morningstar reports and original data analysis (Excel).

1. identify the category of the fund using Morningstar category

2. analyze the performance of this fund as compared with peers in the category and the index. – get familar with performance reporting function

3. analyze fees compared with the category peers. what fees they charge and how much?

4. stock/allocation analysis – use portfolio analysis tool in Morningstar

5. Use excel to calculate alpha, beta in different time periods. – download and analyze regressions using excel

6. historical fund flows and investor returns