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home economy

home economy

So a student read the article below in bold  (use the link to read the article)  ) and this was there response below to the article;

“Based on this survey, it appears the home economy will improve in the future in North America and most other countries (McKinsey & Company, 2015).  At the same time there are threats arising such as lower consumer demand and more debt defaults in global economies.  The business opportunities that may arise in the near future may reside more with India and Asia-Pacific than with North America, Europe, or Latin America.  According to the survey, India proves to remain the most positive while Latin America has been the most negative (McKinsey & Company, 2015).  This demonstrates that business opportunities and partnerships may be more successful with India than any other country at this time.  It would not be wise to secure large business connections with Latin America because of their downbeat domestic economic conditions; businesses will most likely not be highly successful there (McKinsey & Company, 2015).”

Must be a minimum of 200 words and in APA format

After reading the article yourself and their response give feedback, cannot summarize the article or the student response

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