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Honda in Europe

Honda in Europe

  1. Read the case file: Honda in Europe which is attached
  2. Follow the attached outline and guidelines for the case write-up shown in the syllabus (Pg. 10/11) and write a case analysis. Please develop your paper based on those guidelines. Please use different section headings based on the guidelines (for e.g. application of key themes, recommendations, etc.).


Submission Instructions:

  • Maximum three pages.
  • Follow current APA style, if using references
  • Complete and submit the assignment here by 9:00 PM ET Sunday.ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTIONS:

    Case Analysis (max 3 pages):

    o The analysis write ups/summary should include the following components:

    a) Overview of major issues,

    b) Applications of key themes from the textbook into the case

    c) Your analysis, including assumptions (if needed)

    d) Recommendations and action plan

    e) References (exclusive of the page limit)

    f) appendix (if needed).

    o Formatting each component as subheadings is recommended in your case written assignment. o For (a) overview of major issues, describe the challenges/problems/issues outlined in the case. This section should be clear and succinct. You can make use of bullet points to describe the issues. o For (b) applications of key themes, elaborate what you have learned from the assigned case by directly relating/connecting the case to concepts and themes described in the different chapters. o For (c), your analysis should include your thoughts about the case in your own words. In this section, you should put down your own thoughts and opinions about the issues/challenges described in the case. However, your thoughts/opinions should be based on textbook concepts and arguments. In this section, you can also bring in outside information (such as the latest news, articles, references to any calculations, charts, diagrams or graphs*). Also, be sure to answer any questions that are assigned at the end of each case. You can also use these questions as a guide to develop the other sections of your case summary/write-up. In the analysis section, you can also write about the company’s* internal strengths, weaknesses, and external threat and opportunities (SWOT). *the company which is the focus of the case.

    For (d) recommendations, you need to provide the course of action that you think can be taken to address the issues/problems outlined in the case. Your recommendations need to be based on your analysis (section c) of the case. o For (e) references, properly cite all the sources of information you have used throughout the case. o For (f) appendix, include any calculations, charts, diagrams or graphs. The appendix should help to further support your analysis—not simply be “tacked on.” It should serve a purpose. All calculations and figures must be clearly labeled and referred to in the body text of the case. o The summary paper should be no longer than 3 pages max. Please use MS word format (.doc). * All calculations, charts, diagrams, graphs or figures must be clearly labeled and inserted in the appendix.