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Hospitality Facilities Management Thesis

Hospitality Facilities Management
Homework #1 Property Operating Maintenance & Energy Cost



The Budget property (hotel/resort) has a total of 400 available guest rooms/suites, several restaurants and bars, extensive meeting space, indoor swimming pool, health club and spa. Total enclosed area is about 360,000 square feet (33,445 square meter)
If not stated differently, base your answers on “this year” Sample POM and Energy Data.


1. (3) Calculate the total annual revenue (sales and income) of the budget property for this year 2019 both actual (Y-T-D) and this year’s “Forecast” and “Last Year” Revenue.


Actual annual revenue $_____________________/Year


Forecast annual revenue $_________________/year


Last year annual revenue $__________________/year


2. (1) Assuming an annual achieved occupancy rate of 70 % at the budget property, determine the “Total Engineering (POMEC) costs per occupied room” for the property:


___________________________/occupied room


3. (1) Determine the “Electricity Cost per occupied room” for the budget property:


__________________________/occupied room (electricity)


4. (2) Determine the “electricity cost” as a percentage of total (gross) energy cost:


__________ percent


5. (2) Determine the gross “Energy Cost” and “POM Cost” per available room at the budget property:


Energy Cost $_____________/available room

POM Cost $______________/available room




6. (5) Determine the following “per available room” costs:


6.1 Electricity $______________ Payroll (SWB-Maintenance) $_________________


6.2 Fuel $______________ Maintenance Expense (other than labor) $___________


6.3 Water/Sewer $_____________





7. (1) Express the “payroll Cost” (total payroll & related expenses) of the budget property in terms of how many cents of the property operation and maintenance/repair and maintenance dollars are spent on payroll & related expenses:

_________________ per POM/R&M dollar


8. (2) As shown on the POMEC budget this year (Y-T-D), each dollar spent for POM/R&M payroll & related expense requires approximately

$_________________(sales and income)


9. (1) Compare and Contrast Energy Cost of this year with last year cost.


____________ and _____________%


10. (2) Compare and contrast “total Other Expenses” of POM/R&M cost of this year with Forecast year.


___________ and _____________%