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How can a student at Liberty University be a willing participant in the development of the skills and abilities

How can a student at Liberty University be a willing participant in the development of the skills and abilities

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Hello, I need to reply to the two post listed below with a minimum of 50 words. Need to post this before 11:59pm today.


According to the assigned article, “When you learn something, the brain remembers how you learned it and sets up new pathways, and if necessary, new categories, to makefuture learning faster” ( I think that this statement is very essential to the core development a liberal arts educatiion and in particular, a Christian liberal arts education. True learning is not just about the intake of knowledge and information but also wisdom and the ability to perform the proper application of that knowledge and information. Knowledge can be gained simply by hearing but without understanding that knowledge cannot be applied. The bible says, “Wisdom is the principal thing, therefor get wisdom, and with all thy wisdom, get understanding” (Proverbs 4:7, KJV). Receiving a Christian liberal arts education gives one a different perspective than that of a secular worldview. It offers a person an opportunity to look further in the distance, deeper into the depths, and from a highern height than just whats in front of us, whats under the surface, and beyond what we can reach up and grab hold of with our finite natural senses. The bible says, “For we walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7,KJV). In my own personal experience, I have had to learn the basic steps of the laid foundation in order to move on to more complicated factors in both the academic and spiritual context. In the academic world, one must learn the basic steps of math such as adding and subtracting in order to be able to understand algebra or calculus and in order to move in the signs and wonders that Jesus demonstrated, one must first learn faith for the smaller things.



Critical thinking: the process of evaluating information to reach logical conclusions and to guide decision making. This information can be gained through observation, reflection, or research.

IV. A liberal arts education enhances wisdom and faith. Harris states that “general knowledge plants seeds of wisdom and is an ally of faith.”[1] This point affects my life, because I believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit from whom I get my wisdom and faith. My liberal arts education teaches me about the fall of mankind and how I am to see myself as a sinner. For example, the Christian philosophy clearly teaches a plan of Creation, a plan for Salvation, and a plan for the final destruction of mankind. This not only influences my life now but also my future. Wisdom and faith will serve me as I grow as a Christian and desire a Godly nature in all I think and do. If I am weak minded concerning wisdom and faith, I will suffer the consequences which result from not using wisdom in my thinking and faith as my conviction. Finally, a liberal arts education reveals the fall of mankind through the behavioral sciences and the hope for mankind through the miracles discovered in true sciences.

VII. The uniqueness of a Christian liberal arts education. Harris states, “the Christian liberal arts education alone provides a standard of measure and a point of verification for the knowledge and ideas you will encounter now and for the rest of your life.”[2] It is repeatedly stated in the history of mankind that Jesus Christ of Nazareth, a Jew, is the most influential individual ever to exist in all human history. This point cannot be ignored by science or philosophy; Jesus and the message he taught is vital to the existence of mankind. Therefore, a Christian liberal arts education provides a complete education. This effects my life now, because I understood from an early age the existence of God and the need to know Him. This effects my future, because I already know the Truth about life and the everlasting life. If I was weak minded in my Christian belief, I may be easily deceived by Satan.

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How can a student at Liberty University be a willing participant in the development of the skills and abilities described in this article in his own life? As a student at LU, I must be willing to: (1) think critically, (2) learn, (3) see all of life as a whole, (4) increase my wisdom and faith, (5) gain ability to be a better teacher, (6) work hard for my personal well-being, and (7) accept that God is Truth.[3] For example, my understanding of Creation Science will help me in conversations I experience with anti-theists and that they may know the Truth. Considering the edification of mind, body, and spirit offered within the LU liberal arts education, I am able to develop personal skills and abilities as described above which will serve me in my professional life and personal life. Ultimately, my LU liberal arts education will prepare me to critically think and live as a Christian within the secular world.