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How do your answers for 1-3 apply to the case mix for Anywhere Hospital

The instructions to this assignment is below and all links are attach. This assignment needs to be done Tuesday morning Feb 16, 2016.  The answers to the 9.3 case mix needs to be in red.


STEP 1:  Case Mix Assignment: Complete the reading assignments and submit your answers to the questions below using the Case Mix dropbox.

1.  Please review the Powerpoints on the basic concepts of Case-Mix Management.  These powerpoints focus on the use of the case mix index, calculating the case mix index, and determining reimbursement based on relative weights. Link to Case Mix Powerpoints (make sure you review this powerpoint in the notes page format)

2. Visit the State of California Office of Statewide Planning, Health Policy and Planning, Healthcare Information website and view an example of how the case mix index can be used to adjust the average cost per patient (or day) for a given hospital relative to the adjusted average cost for other hospitals by dividing the average cost per patient (or day) by the hospital’s calculated CMI.
Link to State of California website
Link to Example  

Additional Links:

What does case-mix mean to you? 
What is the hospital case-mix index? 
How to calculate the case-mix index. 
Case-mix Index 

Step 2:  Assignment:
After you have reviewed the information above, download and complete  assignment 9.3 case mix index . 
Your answers should be in red.

After determining the case mix index answer the following questions. The answers may noted at the bottom of the assignment or you may enter them into the submission box.

1.  Interpret a case mix index of less than 1.0
2.  Interpret a case mix index of greater than 1.0
3.  Explain the relationship between case mix index and hospital revenue
4.  How do your answers for 1-3 apply to the case mix for Anywhere Hospital?