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How to compose an individual assignment for a coursework

How to compose an individual assignment for a coursework

courseworkStudents believe that writing a coursework is quick and easy. Therefore, it is often postponed. And when it comes time to write, it turns out that the term paper is about studying the chosen topic and completing the teacher’s assignment.

In the article, I will tell you what such a task is and how to cope with it more effectively.

Definition of assignment for term paper

The assignment is a personal task from the teacher to study the selected topic from a specific angle. The project clearly states:


  • What to study;
  • How to research;
  • How to open the question.

The assignment is one of the six components of the course work: content, central part, conclusion, and application. Unlike others, the project is drawn up by the supervisor even in agreeing on the course plan.

At this stage, the teacher helps the student indicate the work sequence, the content of each of the points and sub-points, a list of references, etc.

The assignment is not compiled in words: a particular document is drawn up, under which the student signs after reading it.

Formation of assignments for coursework

Completing the assignment is a joint task of the teacher and student. But this is the ideal. In reality, only one person is involved in drawing up the document, most often the student himself. If you compose the assignment yourself, then before writing the term paper, be sure to coordinate it with your supervisor.

If the teacher forms the document, then before starting work, you must familiarize yourself with this document and sign it.

The structure of the assignment for the coursework

The assignment document consists of 4 blocks:

Information about the university, student, supervisor The timing of the course project
Signatures confirming familiarity with the document Object and subject of the course project, methods, and angles of study

Document header

It is necessary to designate the educational institution (faculty, department, specialty). In the middle, they write “Assignment for term paper,” indicate the researcher’s data and the topic.

Initial data

You write information about the supervisor, indicate the date of fixing the topic of the course project and the issuance of an individual assignment, and the timing of the project and delivery for verification.

Based on the topic of the coursework, you need to formulate what exactly you will study. The easiest way to do this is using keywords, scientific terms, designations of research methods, etc.

Study Questions

courseworkThe most important part of the assignment document is the questions posed as part of the chosen topic study. It is essential to indicate what will be studied in the coursework, use examples for analysis, and what developments are planned to be provided.

For clarity, present the structure of the course work. Including designated chapters (items) and sub-items, if any.

Acquaintance signatures

If there is a student’s signature on the document, he studied it and took it into account. The signature obliges the student to follow the assignment for the coursework strictly.

In this place, you can designate persons who can be consulted. It can be any teacher of the educational institution. The only condition is that they must know about it.

Why creates a task

Writing an assignment is practical: so, you always keep a plan in front of you, what you need to study in detail in the coursework, what theses and definitions to pay attention to. This helps to assess the total available and acquired skills.

The assignment is everything that the supervisor wants to see in the finished work.