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How to talk so your boss


Week 5.a: How to talk so your boss will listen


Week 5.b: Simple Rules for communicating with executives

When you have read the above articles:

1. Write a summary of what you have learned from the articles; what you agreed (or disagreed with) and so on.

2. Discuss (talk about) the reading material with your fellow students. You can talk about what you learned from the articles; what you liked; what you did not like; what the authors missed in their article; how the articles relate to your experience and so on. When I read your discussions I want to see evidence that you have actually read the material and that you truly understand what you read and how it applied to the real world business environment. ONE THREAD ONLY PLEASE

I hope my
are clear — if they are not, it is your responsibility to tell me what parts you don’t understand and ask for clarification (communications takes at last two people)