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How to write a term paper review correctly.

term paperA term paper review is a review written by a teacher working at a university or a scientific mentor, but more often, it happens that the student himself writes. What needs to be reflected in such a review? Let’s figure it out in the article.

How to write a review of a term paper

Writing does not regulate the design of reviews in any way, so they are written in any form according to generally accepted rules. When registering, one must indicate the following aspects.

Assessment of the relevance of the topic and scientific novelty

These two points are the most important for any scientific work. To write them, you need to introduce a term paper, dissertation, or diploma project, rephrase it. It is advisable to issue this item with 3-4 sentences.

Brief description of the content

Here, it is essential to express the research’s main idea and evaluate the results based on the tasks and goals. Besides, you are required to reveal the course structure: describe chapters, bibliography briefly, give a qualitative and quantitative description of the composition of the sections.

To know for sure how to write a coursework review, use the prepared outline and leading questions. For example, to characterize content:

  • What rating would you recommend as a research result?
  • What are the central concept and main ideas of ​​the coursework?

Advantages of a term paper

In this section, describe your contribution and announce the practical significance of the project (but we will write in more detail about the practical side of the matter in the next section!).

“Important! If you yourself are a coursework reviewer, then do not turn the research into a continuous positive. Add more realism to the description, indicating a couple of aspects that were not fully successful (you can indicate the inaccuracy of the selection, insufficient depth of coverage of the issue.”

Disadvantages of a term paper

Indicate that there were some typos, stylistic errors. However, be careful. Otherwise, you may think that you did not show due diligence while writing the project. You can also use the following shortcomings:

  • Inadequate coverage of a particular issue;
  • Insufficient number of sources;
  • Non-critical mistakes during registration;
  • Insignificant errors in calculations.

It is important to conclude this section by stating that the noted shortcomings did not affect the theoretical part and the project’s practical value.


term paperHere you can write about what can be improved in your research (for example, increase the data sample). Don’t note that you recommend an excellent rating for your work, especially if you feel weak. In this way, you will only incur an avalanche of difficult questions. Write only a fair assessment because the teacher, not the student, writes the review.

How to arrange correctly

Research papers are now more and more typed, but handwritten versions are sometimes allowed. The following requirements apply to the printed version:

  • Font 14;
  • Font style – Times New Roman;
  • Text volume – no more than two pages;
  • Line spacing 1.5;
  • Justified alignment.

Before proceeding with the description of the study’s relevance, you need to indicate the topic of work, subject, name of the student, specialty, and course.

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