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HRD Plan

The HR Director has requested you prepare a summary of the phases of the training process model so that key stakeholders can better understand the importance of training to support key strategies to expand the business. The organization is curious about training; however, may undervalue its importance in meeting business objectives and supporting change management. Create a plan that summarizes components of the training process model and its relationship to business strategies, core values, culture, and ethics.Write a report of no more than 1,050 words that summarizes the training process model INCLUDINGA brief overview of the business strategies, core values, culture, and ethical principles that your training model will need to supportDefinition of human resource development and how it aligns with strategic planningA summary of each phase of the training process modelExplanation of the types of training and categories of learning that will be used to support key business strategiesA summary of how the organization can best support employees through training and change management, and how this will benefit overall organizational performance