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HRM manager

HRM manager

Name of organization: Costco: approximately 5pages 

This assignment will focus on engineers and other technical personnel.   Over that last two decades, these professions have generally been in high demand and relatively scarce supply. As the HRM manager responsible for recruiting and selecting people in these fields, you have a need to stay abreast of trends that affect the demand and availability of these specialties. In this assignment, you will investigate these trends and identify steps that you might take to ensure that your company has access to the number and types of people that it needs.


Identify issues in the current business environment that affect the demand and supply of engineering and technical personnel.

Describe specific measures and techniques that progressive companies are using to recruit and select people with these backgrounds.

Submit a paper following APA style requirements of approximately five pages. After you locate and utilize various sources, provide citations for at least three references other than the textbook and online encyclopedia-type reference sources.