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human services professional

imagine yourself as a human services professional that has a new client, Carlos. Carlos’ parents came with him to the appointment, and you realize that you are familiar with Carlos’ parents as you are a regular patron of their family restaurant.

Carlos is a 17-year-old Hispanic male and a senior in high school. He is an exceptional student/athlete and has been offered a full scholarship to an out of state university. Carlos states that he has recently started experiencing feelings of anxiety and depression. He has been missing numerous school days and his grades have been declining. Carlos takes on many responsibilities within his family, including daily household chores as well as caring for his younger sister and grandma while his parents work at the restaurant. Carlos sometimes works at his parents’ restaurant after he is done with school, sport events/practices and on the weekends. Carlos wants to go to college, but is torn on separating himself from his family.

Carlos’ parents are unsure what to do because they are reporting he is not his usual confident/happy self. His parents state that they do not want him to go far away to college and prefer he find a college close to home so he can continue helping the family.