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I have 2 small assignments that I need done without Plagiarism….

Here’s the new assignments that I need done by Sunday 11/16/2014. Its 2 assignments that consist of an article review and another discussion board question. The article review has to have at least 500 words to include biblical references and typed in APA format. The discussion boards question has to have at least 600 words typed in APA format.Article Review:You will write five article reviews based on a designated article located in the Reading & Study folder of the corresponding module/week. Each review will summarize and critique the author’s position/conclusion in at least 500 words in APA format. Include biblical references with the article review. Make sure the references are within the paper and not by themselves. Make sure that the biblical reference also fit.Discussion Board Question:After reading the assigned Bible passages, synthesize these passages into a response to the following question: “What is the responsibility of Christians with regards to economic development, leadership within the community, and the mandates of the Gospel?”·         Bible Readings·         James 1:26-27·         Proverbs 29:7·         Malachi 3:6-12·         Matthew 6·         Luke 6:35-36·         Acts 5:1-11·         Acts 20:35·         Romans 12:13·         2 Corinthians 8:2-5·         1 Timothy 6:18·         1 John 3:17-18Remember this has to have at least 600 words or more with references cited in APA Format..