Draw a simple food web for a natural area near you. The natural area can also include your backyard, open areas of condo and/or apartments, work, school, etc. Include producers and at least three levels of consumers, as well as, detritivores, and decompo
September 17, 2020
Evolving China Strategy, business and finance homework help
September 17, 2020

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  • Why do internet companies often adopt freemium business model? How can latecomers overcome the late-mover disadvantage?
  • Very briefly summarize your class contribution
  • Any interesting insights learned, feedback for class improvement, what you want to know more about, anything that you need more clarification, etc.

Try to write most of your memo around the first big question, and keep the second/third points succinct. The third bullet point is voluntary.

Please write in structured paragraphs using bullet points and headings where appropriate.


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