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Ifsm 305 Dis Response 2

The ChiroTouch chiropractic EMR software is designed for a small practice to midsize practice. The chiropractic sounds like they are focused on new innovated solutions while ensuring they focus on patient health outcomes. The cloud-based system will all the facility to continue to grow with a patient focus and benefit from the new technology by selecting a cloud-based system. This approach would further align the practice meeting with meeting the needs of the patients and the financial goals of the practice.

ChiroTouch software allows users to create HIPAA-compliant documentation and manage every aspect of the practice. ChiroTouch license allows a seamless patient workflow from check-in to check out, billing to claims submission, and scheduling to follow-ups. Access to the system from anywhere, intuitive all in one dashboard, customizable and shareable macros, integrated systems to enhance billing and paperless data conversions.


Answer the following questions to your classmate response.

  1. Comment on the selected implementation (on premise or cloud-based) and whether you believe an correct and appropriate explanation was provided.
  2. Comment on the completeness and correctness of the explanation of the implementation consideration, explaining your comments.
  3. Provide at least one additional statement relating to the consideration and the implementation of the ChiroTouch system.  (You should use different statements for each of your response postings.)