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impacts counselor’s level of exhaustion

continuity of disorders often impacts the counselor’s level of exhaustion. How might the client population you see affect your stress level? Explain.

My response


What I find interesting and instructive about the supervision is that the organization I am doing my internship sees adolescents and adults and their focus is DBT and inner childhood theory. I also like the variety they have (Sex offender classes for adolescents and adults, DUI classes, and relapse prevention. They also have two grants working with clients coming out of the federal prisons and Juveniles on probation or parole.

The other that this organization does that most do not is accept all forms of payment even state insurance (which is a rarity). The devotion we all have is not refreshing but it is something we all can learn from one another, meaning each of our dedications is different and you can see the passion.

They also will have you work with everyone they serve so if you have a certain population that you want to focus on this is not for you because the director here wants us to learn everything and learn to feel comfortable with the unfamiliarity. The Director is very involved with all the clinics they have in Phoenix and the surrounding areas and makes a point to know all of us.

One example I can think of is, I do not want to work with children, but I am running three adolescents’ groups and my supervisor and clinical director know that my passion is elsewhere. So, they compromise with me, I do groups and they are giving me the resources that I need to help me further my education and desired career as being a Sex Therapist.


My response:

Good afternoon Iva,




What do you find interesting and instructive about the supervision of your site? Describe some of the experiences you have had with the supervision (do not use any names of people from the site).

What I like about my site is that my supervisor is very down-to-earth and is open to fresh ideas. When I start my practicum there are some individuals I was unsure if there would ever be a connection with. Then I started to question my ability as a new counselor, until I read my first counseling today magazine that was delivered to my house and the article I read was the pretend professional, that article changed everything for me this week.

If you have not read it, it is the July 9 2019 issue. With some prayer I had to do a group topic in front of my supervisor, I had piggybacked off another discussion on why we drank, and one of the questions was I drank to cope but invite death.