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importance of an innoivative leader



THE IMPORTANCE OF AN INNOVATIVE LEADER IN THE ORGANIZATION Vlăsceanu Cristina The Bucharest University of Economic Studies Abstract The aim of this paper is to make a correlation between performance, a leader receptive to new ideas, and innovative management of the organization. Wishing to highlight the role and importance of innovative management, I will present its characteristics, features, factors of influence, and how a leader receptive to innovative ideas stimulates an innovative system in the organization.

The contribution of this paper is that it makes a correlation between, and a comparative presentation of, the characteristics and importance of the two pillars of the paper, which are: innovative management and a successful leader, by broadly exposing the advantages and drawbacks of innovation management within an organization and the influence of the participation of an innovative leader in the management system.

It is important to note the bond that exists between innovative management, innovation, and the team leader of the organization. Many specialty types of research show that there is interdependence between the innovation capability of the organization and its chances of success in the current dynamic market. 1. Introduction In the current society, of continuous economic instability and economic crisis, finding a way of surprising the competition – not in any other way – but successfully, is a hard task for the management of any organization in any area.

Thus, I consider innovation management to be of unparallel importance, especially in the case in which a given organization has a leader open to new ideas. Economic globalization has imposed radical changes in organizations throughout the world, in order to keep pace with the global changes. Companies, in order to remain competitive on the market and to cope with these changes, had to adapt their management to a more innovative one, on the fly, to create their own long-term identity, for coping with competitors of any kind.

At this point, the importance of innovation reveals itself, the management of an organization having to transform itself into a more and more innovative one. Managers have created organizations that have an important role on the global market, but that is not sufficient, because introducing and imposing innovative ideas on this market is very difficult and demanding.

Therefore, the idea that a good leader has the capability of finding innovative ideas and that along with his team, he is capable of their successful implementation, has shaped itself to a great extent. The current society is relying, to a greater extent, on dynamicity and innovation, thus creating an optimal environment for innovative technological processes. Innovation management has an important role in an organization, being the primary tool, and at the same time the prime pillar for the team and leader, which have innovative ideas.

By using this type of management at its fullest potential, a leader is capable of bringing together all favorable factors, financial conditions, and necessary human resources, which all are prerequisites for the birth of innovation.