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THIS ASSIGNMENT IS A VIRTUAL VISIT.  BEARE INSTRUCTIONS.  CHOOSE ONE ARTICLE FOR THE VISIT.Instructions for a Virtual Visit:First, using the Internet find an article relative to the assigned (usually broad) subject matter. Sometime an article is assigned to you- if it is- use the assigned article. ONLY ACADEMIC ARTICLES (JOURNALS) OR PROFESSIONAL LITERATURE WILL BE ACCEPTED.  THE ARTICLE MUST BE CITED PROPERLY IN APAThen carefully read the articleThen put the article away and write a One Page (1) summary of the article, remember to give details that you may use in a general discussion.Last write a One Page (1) THOUGHT PAPER, INCLUDING YOUR OPINION of what you learned from the article and if you find the article relevant.What you are graded on: 100 pointsYou must CUT the entire web address and include it in the paper, AFTER THE CITATION- You must submit a web address that will lead directly to the article ( IS NOT ENOUGH).  You can usually select all, cut and paste it into your submission.Please test this by opening the page from your paper- If it can NOT be opened directly, it does not exist.Write at least a one FULL PAGE Summary. A few lines over is acceptable, short is not.Last write a full Page opinion of the article highlighting the strong points and the weaknesses in you opinion of the article.Last, Virtual visit must be TWO full Page of Word (.doc or docx), 12 point size, and traditional font.  The ideas must fill the entire page and may only go beyond the parameter by a line or two.The idea is to be brief and to the point.