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incorporate transitional phrases


For this Assignment, you will review the Learning Resources on transitions, paragraph development, and the MEAL plan. With the principles outlined in the Learning Resources in mind, you will add transitional phrases, words, or sentences that connect your three paraphrased main ideas from the Week 3 Assignment.

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Review the Learning Resources related to transitions, paragraph development, and the MEAL plan.
  • Review your three paraphrased main ideas from the Week 3 Assignment with the MEAL plan model in mind.

The Assignment:

Revise the three paraphrased main points from the Week 3 Assignment to align with MEAL plan guidelines.

To do so, separate each main point into its own paragraph. Add a topic sentence (the M in the MEAL plan), and add 1–2 sentences per paraphrased main point to create a connection between the ideas. Be sure to review your Week 2 Assignment where you created a rationale for selecting each main point. Because you had to determine how the main points relate to each other, that particular Assignment may help guide you in creating transitional phrases for better flow.

Use the following questions to guide the writing of your paragraphs:

  • Does each paragraph begin with a clearly stated topic sentence?
  • Does each paragraph include a paraphrased main point?
  • Does each paragraph incorporate transitional phrases to flow from one idea to the next?


Submit your Assignment using the Walden Course Paper template. Your submission should be 3 paragraphs long.

Note: Applications that are submitted without using the Walden Course Paper template will not be reviewed by your Instructor.