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Information Governance Final Paper

Information Governance Final Paper

The course research paper is a formatted APA paper.  It is 12 pages, double-spaced.  Paper length requirement is 12 pages of content from Title Page through References.  The Research Paper is worth 20% of the final grade.  

The Final papers will contain a title page, abstract, introduction/topic paragraph, summary/conclusion, and reference page.

Research paper topics are approved by the course instructor and can be on ANY course-related topic in the field of Information Technology, Governance Concepts, Strategies, and Best Practices. 

TOPIC: Choose any 1 from below.

· The Onslaught   of Big Data and the Information Governance Imperative

· Information   Governance, IT Governance, Data Governance

· Information   Governance Principles

· Strategic Planning and Best   Practices for Information Governance