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When doing your assignment make a copy of this file. Include your name on the first line of the file. Add your answers after each question, leaving the question and points alone. Submit your completed assignment using the assignment tool.


Write your answers as if they are being presented to your management. Be concise and to the point. Provide examples to justify to reasoning. Be sure to answer each part of the question. It is important to show your work. It is possible to get partial credit by showing your technique even if the answer is incorrect.

Pay attention to grammar, punctuation and spelling, neatness counts.


Write the questions followed by your answers.



1)      You are in charge of IT assets for a company. You are attending a meeting with your management to address questions and concerns around security for the organization. You are the featured presenter at the meeting. The meeting starts in a somewhat unstructured fashion and you are presented with the following questions.


You need to provide an answer for each of the 5 following questions. After you answer these questions you can move to the 2nd part of the presentation. (75 Points)


a)      We have never had an attack. Why are you so concerned now? (15 Points)


[Your answer goes here.]


b)      How would we determine what assets we have, what needs to be protected, and how to protect them? (15 Points)


[Your answer goes here.]


c)      I have heard we need a written security policy. Why would we need a written policy? How often would we need to revise it? Who in the organization would need to be involved in this process? (15 Points)


[Your answer goes here.]


d)     What is the difference between an insider attack and an outsider attack? (15 Points)


[Your answer goes here.]


e)      What is this defense in depth approach to security that we keep hearing about? (15 Points)


[Your answer goes here.]




2)      You are in charge of the IT assets for your company. How do you make the case to your management that investing the time and money into malware protection is money well spent?  (25 Points)


For this question you need to write an outline for a presentation you are going to make to management to persuade them to invest in malware protection. The approach to the presentation needs to be factually persuasive. In other words, you need to provide an outline that will demonstrate to management through empirical evidence, business acumen, technology trends and project planning why investing in malware protection makes sense.


For each point in your presentation outline you should provide some detail and description that supports why you selected each item.


This is an outline for the presentation rather than the actual presentation. Therefore we are looking for the approach you are going to take for the final presentation and how you will support the various aspects of the presentation. For example, what sort of points are you going to make and how will you support them. The outline will require some of the technical details that will describe how you will build the final presentation.


[Your answer goes here.]





Please be sure to submit your answers as an attachment using the assignment tool.