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Information System HW

I have those questinos and I upload the book and I need the answer by own word plasce 


Do these exercises for Chapters 1-2 and App B


Submit your responses to these exercises. For credit:

– Repeat each question above each response

– Answer in your own words, and reference sources


2. How does a ticket system improve our ability to track WIP?

4. Compare and contrast a ticket system and Kanban.

8. Why is it important to automate OS installation?


6. What is the difference between behavior and process?

8. Describe the minimum viable product (MVP) strategy. What are the benefits of it versus a larger, multi-year project plan?


From material in Appendix B:

2. In which roles do you see yourself early in your career?

5. Which roles do you not like? Why? 


8. Which roles do you feel should be added to this list? How are they valuable to an organization or team?