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Here is the list of a few online links you can use to find data on your country. Data for some factors can be in more than one link. There are other links that you can search on your own if you google (or yahoo or Firefox, etc.). You can also use Wikipedia, but for academic research, it is not a reliable resource.

1. The Country indicators .

– Click Indicators

– Click on the indicator that you are looking for

– The ranking of countries is given

– Click on a country for an explanation of the indicator (at the bottom of the page)

This is a worldwide online educational resource that compiles data from several sources, including the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, and the World Economic Forum.

2. United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

3. The Heritage Foundation. Index of Economic Freedom

– Click About The Index

– Scroll down to Frequently Asked Questions for explanation of economic freedom

– Click Country Rankings (upper left) for the ranking of countries

4. International Monetary Fund (World Economic Outlook Databases)

5. The World Bank Group. Ease of Doing Business .

– Click Reports

– Click About Doing Business

– Go to Table 2.1 that provides 11 areas of business regulation

– Click Rankings

6. Trade competitiveness map

– Select a country, a year, and exports, imports, or both

– Data for all industries (i.e. all products) and by product is given

– Click on the + sign that follows All industries to get data for trading partners

7. Global capital market

8. Will China rule the world?

9. Automobile production (OICA)