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Introductory Task Case Study

DOCUMENTARY NOTES – Due January 28 by 11:59 pm


As you watch the documentary for the first time, I ask you to make notes in the following areas. This filled-in NOTES document is due by January 28, at 11:59 pm turned into the designated dropbox.

Student’s Name:


Selected documentary:


Where does the unethical action occur?



Who are the main actors (people who took action)?



When did the unethical action occur?



List the different companies/organizations that took the unethical action.




For the Documentary Analysis questions in each module assignment, you will focus on one organization/company and analyze why the unethical behavior occurred and how to prevent it in the future. Which company do you think you will focus on for the paper?


Who are the main people in the situation who were harmed by the organization’s actions or decisions and how were they harmed?

Try to identify at least 3 different individuals or groups of people.


Explain what happened. As we proceed in the course, you will focus on explaining why what happened was unethical. Right now, just make notes about what happened. You can explain in your own words what you thought was wrong.





As you watch the documentary this first time, just jot down notes of why you think the unethical situation occurred in your own words:





What could the organization do or have done to keep the unethical situation from happening? Answer this in your own words.




What questions do you have about what happened? What is your plan for answering these questions?




Other notes that may help you later: