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Investigative Reporting

Investigation FileAttached Files:Police Report Interviews (36.5 KB)Police Report Letter (96 KB)Police Report Photos (216.5 KB)Throughout the course, you will be investigating a crime. Within this investigation file, you will find witness interviews and crime scene photos. After reviewing and analyzing the information, you will complete the Suspect Sheet and Property Sheet as well as create an Incident Report based upon the given facts. Do not make up additional facts to incorporate into the provided scenario; the scenario must stand on its own.Suspect Sheet and Property SheetAttached Files:Investigation Project – Suspect Sheet and Property Sheet Grading RubricSuspect Sheet and Property Sheet (Important Notice: To complete and submit this assignment, you will need to install Adobe Reader if it is not already on your computer. The protected PDF files will need to open in a PDF Reader, instead of Microsoft Word. The Adobe Reader can be obtained here: (feel free to uncheck the “offer” in step 2 to prevent additional software from installing). Once installed, the PDF should be able to open in Adobe Reader where it can then be filled in and saved (using “Save As”, since “Save” will be grayed out).Complete the attached Suspect Sheet and Property Sheet by filling in the relevant sections based upon the facts given in the Investigation File. Save and submit these as 1 document.