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Issues Of Transformation Thesis

 3.3: Issues of Transformation


In this Module, we have been discussing what new business models might be enabled through the novel technology you identified in Module 2. Shifting business models is something that an organization will often struggle with due to many factors. In this Forum-based discussion, we will explore the potential challenges being faced in your specific project. These challenges will serve as the basis for tackling the upcoming Module that looks more closely at the importance of culture, structure, and emotions in the organization to ensure that transformation happens successfully.

Required Readings:

  • (E-Global Library: Ebrary) Pateli, A. G., & Giaglis, G. M. (2003). Technology innovation-induced business model change: A contingency approach. In J. Gale (ed.), Organizational transformation and e-business implementation.
    (~7 pages)

    Pages 175-181 are required. Page 179 describes a contingency approach for selecting a business model based upon competing scenarios that describe the relevant market and players involved. Page 180 connects the technological innovation to the business model change (i.e. commercialization of the technology), and the resulting effects on the organization and industry players vis-à-vis Porter’s five forces model.

Optional Readings:

  • Sharma, S. K. (2003). Chapter IV: A change management framework for e-business solutions. In M. Singh (Ed.), E-Business Innovation and Change Management (pp. 54-69).

    Particularly relevant are pages 57-66, which discuss a change management framework for e-business transformation.


  1. Reflect on the type of business model your organization currently has and the type of business model that might be enabled on the basis of your technical proposal.
  2. In 200 words, describe the challenges you believe the organization will have in shifting from the old to the new business model. Try to use the concepts presented in the Theme and readings to structure your thinking.