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IT 650 Principles Of Database Design

IT 650 Principles Of Database Design

Please address the below questions based off the Wild Wood Apartments scenario. 

I need 1 page. I have attached additional documents for you to review if needed.

1. Describe the main information components or types of data to be tracked in the database in your case scenario. (For example, an inventory system might include component assembly data identifying all the individual gauges, covers, electronics, push buttons and knobs that are assembled together to construct an automobile dashboard.) How important is this data to the operation of the business or organization?

2. What are the most significant potential risks to security of the database in your case scenario?

3. Which techniques or approaches to ensuring database security would be most appropriate for the organization in your case scenario, and why?

4. Describe the roles of the various users that would interface with the database, including the main information components they would be working with (creating, reading/querying, modifying, deleting). What level of access to the information components should users within each role have?

5. The organization in your case scenario is merging with another organization next year, which will require combining their database systems. What considerations to database security should be considered as the integration team, consisting of IT personnel from each organization, begin their planning work?