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IT – Emerging Threats And Countermeasures

IT – Emerging Threats And Countermeasures

Mid-Term Research Paper Assignment 

You are the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of company UOTC Inc. You have a meeting with the CEO to discuss the findings of an internal audit. You are given two reports. 

Listed below are the preliminary findings of the first report:

 CORPORATE WIRELESS NETWORK: FAIL Comments: The wireless network is currently using Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and customers from a nearby coffee shop are on your wireless network and shouldn’t be there. 

APPLICATION AND ACCESS CONTROL: FAIL Comments: All users have full administrative access to every application in the organizations including the critical applications that should be used only by management. 

DATA ENCRYPTION LEVEL: FAIL Comment: The organization is current using Data Encryption Standard (DES) and would like to continue using a symmetric key The CEO is concerned about these findings and she would like for you to write up a proposal (recommendations) on how to fix the issues and increase the company’s security posture. 

Criteria for this Assignment

 1. 600 – 800 words. Must be a minimum of 600. 

2. You must provide at least two scholarly references for each of the three problem areas listed above to support your proposal. 

3. APA formatting is required and written at a scholarly level There are a number of solutions to consider. 

The key to this assignment is to understand why the above cannot exist in an environment today.

 Grading This mid-term research paper is worth 100 points