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Journal Project

I need this project done by November 30th 5pm. NO PLAGIARISM!This project will require students to find and review Supreme Court case summaries based on the topics covered in the Courts class.  students will be expected to select a Supreme Court case relating to the chapter for that week and complete a journal entry regarding that case or summary.  Cases and summaries can be located by using the search tool in: any number of other legal websites (Oyez, Cornell, etc.).  You should be able to locate/search ideas for cases using the keywords provided in the topic list below, and/or in the notes section of each chapter.  You do not need to read the entire case briefing unless you want to, the summaries of the cases will provide enough information for this assignment.  PLEASE NOTE: Wikipedia is not considered a valid legal website.  You can find suggestions for cases in the chapter material or notes, or you can search the topics on your own (please let me know if you need any assistance finding appropriate cases).  The topics (there are 12 of them) are listed below.Journal entries will be compiled and submitted as a project near the end of the semester (see syllabus for due date).  The form for journal entries has been provided.  Please complete each section on the form for each entry.You will be required to submit one draft entry prior to the due date for the project. This will allow me to provide you with feedback and input and make sure you are on the right track for the complete project. You may choose any topic you like for your draft entry.Entries should be clear and complete, with proper grammar and spelling.  Entries that are incomplete, too short or have multiple spelling or grammatical errors will not receive full credit.  Entries must be IN YOUR OWN WORDS.  If you use a direct quote from the case please identify the quote using proper quotation marks.TOPICS:1. Who Controls the Courts (Jurisdiction)2. Federal or State Courts3. Juvenile Courts4. Specialized Courts5. Judges6. Prosecutors7. Defense Attorneys8. Defendants or Victims9. Pretrial Procedures10. Plea Bargaining or Guilty Pleas11. Trial12. Sentencing or AppealsEach journal entry will be worth 15 points for a total of 180 points.  In order to receive all 15 points your entry must be clear, complete, detailed, original and the article must be appropriate.  See grading rubric below:Topic:Case Name:Year of Decision:Link to Summary:-identify the topic the Case is addressing (see topic list)-be sure to properly document the name of the case and the year in which the Supreme Court handed down the decision-include the link to the summary you chose1 point1. Facts of Case and Issue Presented(main points) and decision in case-bullet or paragraph format-be sure to include the issue that is being decided in the case AND what the court decided, along with at least three pieces of information about the case2 points2. Why did you choose this case?-paragraph format, one short paragraph describing why you chose this case (more than just telling me it related to the material, or was mentioned in the chapter), please relate what exactly made you chose this case3 points3. How does this case relate to the topic and/or the class material?-paragraph format, one or two short paragraphs about how the case you chose applies to the topic or other class material3 points4. Document your thoughts, ideas, feelings and/or opinions about the case (including information about the disposition, rationale or court opinion)-paragraph format, two or three longer paragraphs describing your thoughts about the case, how it made you feel, any opinions you have about the decision or other matters relating to the case and any other ideas that you may come up with regarding the case6 points