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Discussion W 7General Instructions for Discussion Responses to ClassmatesCreate a new thread for each posting.Use correct, complete sentences, in paragraph format, unless otherwise instructed.Use assigned course materials to complete discussion responses.Use in-text citations and a Reference List in APA format to cite the course resource(s) used – an in-text citation cannot exist without a corresponding Reference List, and a Reference List cannot exist without a corresponding in-text citation..Address each classmate by name, and sign your name to each posting, please.Write in depth, comprehensive responses that promote further discussion beyond merely agreeing/disagreeing – refer to the “Winning Discussion Responses” module in Content for examples.DiscussionYou and Winnie and Ralph are discussing GC’s plan to hire George Tacy as an agent for recruitment and hiring cleaning employees.  You all recognize some possible risks associated with agency agreements.1.  What are some risks and liabilities that that GC could face that would be associated with the agency contract between GC and George Tacy?2.  What are possible consequences of each those risks and liabilities?