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September 17, 2020
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September 17, 2020

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Chapter 2 – Cultural Mindset

1. Is diverse staff always the key? Can you think of any situation where a diverse scenario may not be needed or possibly may not be the best option. When looking at diversity in the workplace, what are the direct benefits of the employees?

Chapter 2

2. How does group membership affect leaders and leadership?

Chapter 7

1. How do culture and gender affect strategic leadership?

2. What are the unique characteristics and challenges of nonprofit leadership?

Chapter 8

1. What is the difference between delegation and implementation of self-managed teams?

2. How does culture affect an organization’s ability to implement employee participation?



1. Have you ever been a in a position where a leader has stolen your idea and used it as their own? How did this make you feel about the leader? The organization? Do you think it is a natural course of the work chain that leaders are to take ideas as their own and you think nothing of it, or do you think it is an unfair display of authority?


1. What is the difference between leading teams or individuals that work in groups, versus the ability to manage and lead those who work in silo environments? What leadership style would best suit each scenario?


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